Every two years Masi chooses an internationally famous artist coming from a country with links to Masi and its wines to create a work of art dedicated to its icon wine, Costasera Amarone, and its historic label. This year we have asked the Swiss artist, Maya von Moos, to give us her artistic interpretation of this wine. Famous for her innovative art forms, Maya has made a 3D animation dedicated to Costasera for us.

"The term “culture” has its origins in the verb “to cultivate”, and it is nothing less than the cultivation of the land that is the expression of the millenary knowledge of a people that is passed down from generation to generation in a continuous evolutionary movement. Cultivation, culture and art. Pairing Costasera with art is a natural choice for us." explains Raffaele Boscaini. 

The famous wine made from semi-dried grapes and produced since the time of the Ancient Romans, now a precious nectar in its modern incarnation as Amarone, meets art today in the celebration of a common vocation. This is the source of "Costasera Contemporary Art".

A valuable run of Costasera 1999 will be available from December 2015 with a limited edition run of numbered labels showing the chosen work of art.

The proceeds from the sale of these bottles will go towards funding a Masi study bursary to enable the next young Swiss artist, chosen by Maya, to come to Italy and gain valuable experience in a leading centre of the arts.