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The noble Conti Bossi Fedrigotti family has lived in Trentino for almost 600 years, and for more than 300 of them family members have cultivated vines with love and dedication. Their first vintage was in 1697. The biggest innovation came in 1961 with the creation of Fojaneghe, the first Bordeaux blend wine in Italy.
The current proprietors, Isabella, Maria Josè and Gian Paolo Bossi Fedrigotti, continue to produce wine on their ancient estates with the same passion as always.
Since 2007, this historic winemaking enterprise has benefitted from a collaboration with Masi Agricola, whereby the Bossi Fedrigotti wines have been brought up to date and their links with the great oenological traditions of the Trentino region have been reinforced.

Estate Products

The most prestigious wine to be produced among the various labels of the noble range is surely Fojaneghe, the first example of a Bordeaux blend in Italy. The other wines produced are: the unique Vign’Asmara, the characterful Mas’Est Marzemino e Mas'Est Teroldego, the refined Pian del Griso and the elegant sparkling Trento DOC wine, Conte Federico.


The historic estates consist of 40 hectares in the most prestigious sites of the region, principally in three sites on either side of the River Adige: Maso San Giorgio in Rovereto, Fojaneghe in the communes of Isera and Mori, and Sant'Antonio in Pomarolo. The soils are truly unique and different: volcanic origin basalt, chalky moraine and bottom-of-the-valley alluvial. The red grapes grown are Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Merlot, Teroldego and Marzemino. The whites are Traminer and Pinot Grigio. Chardonnay and Pinot Nero are grown for the sparkling wine. Vineyard training is pergola Trentina and Guyot.

Cellars and Shop

The cellars contain the steel fermentation tanks used in vinification and a beautiful area dedicated to the barrique-ageing of the prestigious Fojaneghe wine. The wines can be sampled and purchased in the small shop.
For more information, telephone +39 0464 439250.