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  • Brolo Campofiorin Oro

    Brolo Campofiorin Oro

    Rosso del Veronese IGT

    Dry, rich, velvety, complex and elegant.
    Made in the same approachable style as Campofiorin, of which this is a cuvée version, using the original production method inspired by the technique employed for Amarone.

    Given extra complexity with the addition to the blend of the special Oseleta grape, rediscovered by Masi, ageing in small oak casks accentuates its international style.

    Grape Varieties  Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta

    Prizes and accolades

  • Brolo Campofiorin Oro

    tasting notes
    Look: deep ruby red.
    Nose: berry fruit, preserves and vanilla.
    Palate: rich, full-bodied, packed with baked fruit, and hints of cocoa and vanilla on the finish.

    food pairing
    A wine with rare versatility. Good with pasta dressed with rich sauces (based on meat or mushrooms), good with risotto, grilled red meat, roasts and well-aged cheeses.

    serving temperature  18° C
    alcoholic content  Alcool 14% vol
    storage life  Up to 20 years

    Oseleta is an indigenuos grape from Verona used for extra body and colour, rediscovered and replanted in the Veneto by Masi technicians in the 1980s. "Brolo" is the equivalent of the French clos, a vineyard enclosed by a wall. Accordingly, grapes for this elegant wine come from selected vineyards of Corvina, Rondinella and Oseleta.

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