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  • Pian del Griso

    Pian del Griso


    Vineyards in Venetian lands, historic wine-producing estates, native grapes, know-how and taste passed down through the ages. Today, these are the ingredients for authentic wines that speak of the vineyard locations and traditional styles brought up to date by Masi.

    Pian del Griso is a white wine with striking freshness and minerality, and a bouquet and tastes that are fruity, pervasive and intense.

    grape varieties Pinot Grigio
  • Pian del Griso

    tasting notes
    Look: pale almost see-through yellow with copper reflections.
    Nose: strong minerality with delicate floral notes and hints of peaches and plums.
    Palate: good acidity and freshness, well built structure and firm body. Long finish.

    food pairing
    Excellent aperitif and very good with antipasti and soups; goes well with fish and white meat.

    serving temperature 10°C / 50°F
    alcoholic content 12,5% vol
    storage life 2 years
    Masi makes this 100% Pinot Grigio wine on the historic Conti Bossi Fedrigotti estates from grapes picked in their ideally-sited vineyards in Trentino. Known locally as Ruländer here for centuries, this Pinot Grigio gives the maximum in terms of aromatic qualities and has perfect balance thanks to the ideal pedoclimatic conditions of the vineyards, which bring out the wine’s typical freshness and minerality.
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