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  • Toar


    valpolicella classico superiore doc

    Considered “the Valpolicella of tomorrow”, this red wine is surprisingly intense and full-bodied with a good tannic content. Unexpectedly fruity, rich and approachable. The nose combines familiar Corvina aromas with the firm character of Oseleta, the forgotten native variety rediscovered by Masi. The power and audacity of this wine is expressed in its name, Toar, which refers to the volcanic rocks of its vineyards of origin.

    Grape Varieties  Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta.

  • Toar

    tasting notes
    Look: deep ruby red with violet reflections.
    Nose: ripe red fruit with hints of vanilla.
    Palate: dry, good acidity and soft tannins. Plums and cherries. Long finish, fullbodied and elegant.

    food pairing
    Particularly good with grilled or roast red meat, roast beef, game or venison, and moderately aged cheeses.

    serving temperature  18° C
    alcoholic content  Alcool 13% vol
    storage life  > 15 years

    Oseleta is a native Veronese secondary grape variety with great colour and strength. Rediscovered by Masi in the 1980s, it was first used in the Veronese blend in 1990, thus giving birth to Toar. Its use marks a conceptual revolution in which certain wines traditionally prized above all for their drinkability begin to be made with greater complexity and weight. Oseleta gives structure to the wine, while leaving the typicity coming from Corvina and Rondinella intact. This produces a Valpolicella Classico Superiore with unusual structure and elegance and delineates the style of “tomorrow’s Valpolicella”.

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