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Suckling praises Masi's Italo-Argentine fine wines

The leading American wine critic, James Suckling, has recently published his tasting report “Argentina pushes the limits” with excellent scores for wines from Tenuta Masi Tupungato in Argentina: Corbec 2015 (93/100), Passo Doble 2016 (92/100), and Passo Blanco 2017 (90/100).

In Mendoza, Masi has found the ideal environmental and cultural conditions to use techniques and grape varieties from the Venetian regions to make organic wines with full respect for the local flora and fauna. Masi Tupungato wines are the highly original result of using leading Venetian and Argentinian grapes together. After harvest a significant percentage of grapes are set aside to dry in the drying rooms during the winter months (using the Appassimento method), which concentrates aromas and perfumes in the grapes and makes for the production of top quality wines.

James Suckling’s tasting notes are as follows:

Corbec 2015 (93/100 pts)
An opulent nose of blackberry compote, dark-jet licorice, vanilla, mocha and spice box, but also some lighter violets. Full body, some lovely acidity that really makes this wine and, in addition to the firm tannin backbone, carries it through to the chewy finish.

Passo Doble 2016 (92/100 pts)
Aromas of blackberries, chocolate and hazelnuts. Full body, round and silky tannins and a deep, intense finish. This is a really cool blend of Malbec and Corvina.

Passo Blanco 2017 (90/100 pts)
A charming dry white that offers a softer alternative to the driving acitidy of many Argentine whites. A blend of pinot grigio and torrontes. Made from organically grown grapes.

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