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Masi Organic Wine in mission to the edges of the world

A little ship called “Malmö” is on a voyage of exploration to the Svalbard islands in the heart of Arctic Ocean on behalf of The Perfect World Foundation (TPWF). On board are Masi organic wines, drawn from its Argentinian and Tuscan vineyards.

The organizer TPWF is a non-profit organisation for the conservation and protection of nature and animals based in Sweden, and boasts among its many international ambassadors Sarah Duchess of York and Sylvia A. Earle, the world-renowned oceanographer featured on the cover of Time Magazine as a “Hero for The Planet”.

The Arctic expedition aims to disseminate and raise awareness of the issue of climate change. This is why 12 "ordinary" people are also present on the voyage: traders, photographers, entrepreneurs, etc. – there as "new environmentalists" to use the experience to discover what it means to have uncontaminated land threatened by the climate change that’s taking place on the planet.

So Masi Tupungato Passo Blanco, the exuberant Argentinian white, and Serego Alighieri Poderi BellOvile, the distinctive Tuscan red, are there to raise voyagers’ spirits on the frozen ground of the Svalbard archipelago (named after the ancient Norwegian term for "cold coasts"): the northernmost inhabited place of the world, at 80 ° latitude, only 900 km from the North Pole.

"We at Masi we are thrilled to take part in this expedition designed to highlight the critical environmental state of our planet with our organic wines, the ultimate expression of the Masi Green philosophy. For us, eco-sustainability is a way of life, of working with a conscience and respect for nature. Masi Green is our way of giving something back to the land that is so generous to us with our products."

Raffaele Boscaini, representative of the seventh generation of the family

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