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Valpolicella Classica

Over more than two hundred years of intense activity, ever since the purchase of the "Vaio dei Masi", their first vineyard in Valpolicella Classica in 1772, the Boscaini family has selected the best vineyard sites in the foothills and hilly areas in Valpolicella. Particular attention has been paid to the enhancement of individual sites (cru vineyards) that express the excellence of the area and from which wines with unique personalities can be produced.

Valpolicella Classica is a valley that is subdivided into three constituent valleys: Negrar, Marano and Fumane, each scored by its eponymous torrent, all tributaries to the Adige River that laps its southern limits. Its territory, mainly hilly, extends north of Verona, to the foothills of the Veronese Prealps. Lake Garda is its western border, and the Lessini mountains provide protection to the east and north.

Scholars say the name Valpolicella comes from the Greek poli and Latin cella to mean “Valley with many cellars” and that wine has always been produced there. Certainly, millions of bottles of wine have spread its fame round the world

Produced with the same vines and the same grapes (Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara), there are two noble wines made with dried grapes: Recioto (sweet and smooth) and Amarone (dry but easily approachable); besides Valpolicella classico itself, a versatile and friendly wine made with the same grapes when freshly picked.

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