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The meeting of Art across two Cultures

"Travelling in Italy and working in Merano at the Berengo studio has been an incredible opportunity. It’s been an unforgettable and really important experience to be part of the glass world, even if only temporarily, working alongside a fantastic team.”

Kelly Cannell, winner of a scholarship to work at the Adriano Berengo Studio of world-famous artistic glass blowers in Murano.

This is the final stage of the “Costasera Contemporary Art 2017” competition, which began with the selection of an internationally renowned artist living in a country linked to Masi and its wines, who was then commissioned to create a work of art and then a label for the company's iconic wine, Costasera Amarone.

For the third edition, it was the artist Susan A.Point, one of the Musqueam native ethnic group and a prominent figure in the Coast Salish group of artists. She comes from a place where an ancient civilisation flourishes, also known for its artisanal works (ornaments, clothes, and sculptures) that are an expression of the habitat, in other words, Nature.

The young Kelly Cannell was then selected for the scholarship from the group of artists practising Salish Coast Art. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her family and began exploring her artistic talents as a child. Her study programme included experiences in Canada and abroad. Kelly has learned and perfected the art of glass making in important schools, in Stanwood (Washington), and in Istanbul.

"During my studies in the glass sector, I realised that I learned a lot from the culture of the surrounding environment. Working at Studio Berengo gave me the chance to work with local glassmakers. I acquired a new perspective on art and life, immersing myself in the world of Venetian glass and Italian culture. What’s more, the technique of glass blowing can be different, from person to person, and in the course of working it, the glass often takes on a form that’s very personal. Which all contributes to my passion for this type of art.”

Kelly Cannell

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