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“The magic of time”
250 years of Masi - The podcast

In the world of wine there is a 'right time' ⎻ a 'good time' ⎻ for every action, starting with tending the vines through to opening a bottle to crown that special moment. And it is precisely the culture of time that Masi, the historic Valpolicella producer, has made the key to its success.

To mark Masi's 250th vintage, journalist and storyteller Matteo Caccia has woven together an account of its history, telling us about the company, the Boscaini family that runs it, the legendary wines it produces, and the people who work there - in particular company President Sandro Boscaini, the man who has spread his knowledge and passion for Valpolicella’s Amarone round the world.

It’s a tale told by its many participants, taking us on journey to discover the lesser-known sides of an iconic brand, through its past, present and future.

Host: Matteo Caccia
Author: Matteo Caccia
Co-author: Anita Panizza
Sound Engineer and Sound Designer: Paolo Corleoni
Coordination: Olga Merlin
A Mismaonda Production

“The magic of time” 250 years of Masi - The podcast

Mister Amarone – episode 1

29 minutes

Mister Amarone is the nickname by which Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi, is known throughout the world. "Without his vision, his courage, his energy and communication skills, the wine that symbolises the best of Italian production would still be a curiosity confined to the beautiful hills of Valpolicella," says English writer and journalist Kate Singleton, the author of a book on Boscaini called 'Mister Amarone', of course.
In this episode we discover Masi’s legendary Amarone with contributions from Sandro Boscaini, Giacomo Boscaini, Alessandra Boscaini, Cristina Valenza and Kate Singleton.

A family in Valpolicella since 1772 – episode 2

Masi’s is a story of a continuous handing down over the generations of the culture of the land, wine and trade. But above all, it is the story of a family who, for generations, through cultivation, harvests and appassimento, has celebrated what has now become a sacred ritual, that of wine production. In this episode, we discover the story of the Boscaini family, from its origins to little Sandro, who represents the ninth generation, through the words of its members: Sandro, Bruno, Mario, Alessandra, Anita, Raffaele, Giacomo and Alessandro. We will also hear the CEO, Federico Girotto, telling us how sustainability is a “natural” element in a company that has now reached its 250th harvest.

Available from 23rd September

The Masi Wine Experience – episode 3

Tasting a good wine is a simple gesture within everyone’s reach, which creates pleasure and enjoyment. The Masi Wine Experience has been created precisely in order to ensure direct contact with each consumer, drawing them into the Masi world. Amidst cellars and historic estates, including matching dishes in the kitchen: what exactly does it mean to experience the values of tradition and the territory in unmistakeable style? In this episode, we will see how the family business evolved, the brand’s omnichannel approach and the “wine first” philosophy adopted in the kitchen, through the words of Raffaele Boscaini, Federico Girotto and Vitangelo Galluzzi.

Available from 7th October

Masi and the culture of the Venetian regions – episode 4

Available from 21st October

Oseleta, a grape saved from oblivion – episode 5

Available from 4th November

The secrets of grape Appassimento – episode 6

Available from 18th November

Masi and its Châteaux in the Venetian regions – episode 7

Available from 2nd December

Campofiorin, an exciting, inspirational wine – episode 8

Available from 16th December

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