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Astrocena a Col Druscié

Masi Wine Bar Cortina, Col Druscié, Saturday 17 February 2024

An opportunity that matches the love for wine, fine dining and the exploration of the sky.

The magic of the night at high altitude illuminates the Tofane and the Col Drusciè and Masi Wine Bar Al Drusciè restaurants, which, with their warm alpin chic furnishings, reserve for everyone an evening out of the ordinary and a succession of emotions. The appointments are an opportunity to taste the delicacies of the area and, after dinner, through the instruments of the Col Drusciè Observatory and the telescopes made available by the members of the Cortina Astronomical Association, enjoy the magic of the sky and the planets that populate the firmament…an unforgettable evening!

Reservations required: 
Tel:+39 0436 862372 

NB. Immediately notify any food intolerances.

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