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It was in 1964 and in the rolling hills of Verona that Guido Boscaini realised it was time to translate the extraordinary energy of those years into a new, highly expressive wine.

His idea was amazing: a wine that was rich in aromas and structure, an ingenious interpretation of the Appassimento method historically used for the production of Amarone, and stylistically positioned between the simple approachability of Valpolicella and the complexity of Amarone. Rich, round, and velvety, Campofiorin started a new chapter in the history of Veronese wine and became a benchmark for its region of origin on the international market.

Over the years, Campofiorin has become an icon of Italian style, and like so many other fashion, art and design creations born out of the boom of the 1960s it remains a timeless symbol of Italian production.

"Campofiorin is an ancient wine, because it is a gentleman, and therefore cultured, poised and sophisticated, but it spans time and ethnicities to remain as contemporary as every classic. Just like Masi is a classic, which is after all a winery whose history has become both a paradigm both in the Veneto and in Italy... and whose relationship with Valpolicella seems to be the very epitome of the phrase genius loci"

(Leila Salimbeni, "Spirito DiVino" 2017).

Listen to the story of Campofiorin told by the protagonists who made this wine famous throughout the world, including Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi, and Raffaele Boscaini, Marketing Director and Coordinator of the Masi Technical Group.

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