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CCA Edition 2013

Ernst Billgren

The choice for the first edition was Ernst Billgren, one of Sweden’s most famous contemporary artists, whose talent can be found not only in painting and sculture, but also in other arts, such as music, literature, design, cinema and scenography. Labels with a reproduction of his work of art were used for a valuable selection of bottles of Costasera 1998.

"Grapes that are used to make wine can only thrive in a favourable natural environment, cultivated in bygone fashion by people who pass traditions down, from father to son, perfecting the art of winemaking over time. In my picture the deer and its fawn symbolise care passed down through the generations, the dwellings express the desire for a prosperous society based on viticulture, while the grapes represent the richness of the wine itself. Nature and culture, in other words, are the luminous representation of how these two elements combine in a continuous circle. The same circularity that can be found in the shape of the Masi Costasera label which provided the inspiration for the picture.”

Ernst Billgren


The bottle

The Ernst Billgren label is to be found on 3,500 bottles of Costasera Amarone, 1998 vintage. Check for availability at the Serego Alighieri Wine Shop:

The profits from sales provided the funds for a study scholarship for a young art student chosen at the end of the project.


CCA Bottle Label
Meet the artist

Ernst Billgren

Ernst Billgren was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1957.

After several years of preparatory art school, Billgren was accepted into the Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg, where he quickly made his mark.

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