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CCA Edition 2017

Susan A. Point

The artist selected for the 2017 edition of the project is Susan A. Point, the most important exponent of Coast Salish Art, the artistic expression of natives from the western coast of Canada that was forgotten as a result of colonialism. Labels reproducing her work embellish a selection of Costasera 2000.

The ancestral link with the Coast Salish population is the inspiration for her work entitled "Traditional legacy", which depicts traditional subjects, such as the Fraser River, which runs through Coast Salish land and is populated with salmon, octopuses and kingfishers, using pictograms that range from the abstract to the figurative.

The recurring motif of a circle, the symbol of life, evokes the sun, the moon, salmon eggs (the Coast Salish population is known as the Salmon People) and grapes as well in a perfect link that has led the artist on her life’s journey and brought her to Valpolicella to discover the products of the territory.


The bottle

The Susan A. Point label is to be found on 3,000 bottles of Costasera Amarone, 2000 vintage. Check for availability at the Serego Alighieri Wine Shop

The profits from sales provide the funds for a study scholarship for a young art student chosen at the end of the project.


CCA Bottle Label
Meet the artist

Susan A. Point

Susan Point is a descendant of the Musqueam, Coast Salish peoples; she is the daughter of Edna Grant-Point and Anthony Point. Susan inherited the beliefs of her culture and ancestral traditions of her people from her mother Edna – who learned from her mother, Mary Charlie-Grant. Susan’s distinct style has inspired a movement in Coast Salish art.

She draws creativity from the stories of her ancestors and forged the use of non-traditional materials and techniques, therefore inspiring a whole new generation of artists.

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