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CCA Edition 2019

He Xi

The artist selected for the 4th edition of the project “Costasera Contemporary Art” is the Chinese He Xi

Creator of refined paintings on silk and rice paper, he embellished the label of Amarone Costasera 2001 with his art.

Since ever, the artist explores the themes of freedom from constraints, representing on his work a flight of butterflies on the ocean. The title is “Jin Du”, the Ancient Chinese term for "transport by water".

The inspiration come from Verona, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, protagonists of a romantic love story that recalls a Chinese legend whose epilogue is the flight of two butterflies into which the protagonists were transformed, two unfortunate young lovers.

Furthermore, the reason why the artist decided to paint on silk comes from the story of the explorer Marco Polo, who brought traditional porcelain and silks from China.


The bottle

The He Xi label is to be found on 3,000 bottles of Costasera Amarone, 2001 vintage. Check for availability at the Serego Alighieri Wine Shop

The profits from sales provide the funds for a study scholarship for a young art student chosen at the end of the project.


CCA 2019 Masi Costasera Bottle Label
Meet the artist

He Xi

He Xi was born in 1960 in Beijing, now he lives and works in Shanghai. He is an exponent of a refined and quality art. His works are informed by the great tradition of Chinese painting, but firmly characterized by his unique vision and style.

Quietly humorous and often enigmatic, his paintings explore the themes of freedom versus containment, finding a reflection of the human condition in the natural world.

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