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What is Costasera Contemporary Art?

The term “culture” derives from the verb “coltivare” or “cultivate”, which means nothing less than that the cultivation of the earth is the expression of the millenary knowledge of a civilisation. A patrimony that is passed down from generation to generation in a continuous process of evolution. It is hardly surprising then, that the two expressions of “culture”, art and the production of fine wine, can be found together.

Associating Costasera with art is a natural choice: this famous wine is made from semi-dried grapes in a practice that has its origins in Ancient Roman times. Now it’s a precious modern nectar called Amarone, and it meets art in the spirit of a common purpose. This is the inspiration behind the “Costasera Contemporary Art” project.

Every two years, Masi selects an internationally famous artist, with origins in a country linked to Masi and its wines, to make a work of art dedicated to the iconic Costasera Amarone wine and its historic label.

The result is then reproduced on the labels of a selection of bottles of Costasera. The profits from the project provide the funds for a study scholarship for a young art student, who is chosen by the participating artist at the end of their project and given the opportunity to come to Italy to study in a centre of artistic excellence.


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