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Corporate Governance

Masi Agricola has created a system of internal rules and regulations in order to ensure the highest possible consistency between strategy and conduct; the system constitutes a Corporate Governance model based on the division of responsibilities and the balance between management and control:

  • List vote at 7.5%
  • At least two independent directors
  • Share ownership limited to 40%
  • Investor Relator


Company Bodies


Board of Directors
Sandro Boscaini Chairman and Managing Director
Federico Girotto Managing Director
Bruno Boscaini Director with a mandate to carry out non-oenological Industrial Activities and Logistics
Mario Boscaini Director
Raffaele Boscaini Director
Anita Boscaini Director
Lamberto Lambertini Independent Director
Cristina Rebonato Director
Roberto Diacetti Independent Director
Angelo Pappadà Independent Director
Enrico Maria Bignami Independent Director
Marco Bozzola Independent Director


Independent Auditing Company

logo EY  


Company Documents  


Current company bylaws

Procedure for related party transactions

Code of ethics

Internal dealing procedure

Procedure to register persons who have access to privileged information

Procedure to communicate privileged information and capital-related transactions

Extract of shareholders’ agreement, pursuant to art.11 of the company bylaws


Fondazione MasiMasi Investor Club