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Le Venezie. Cultura e Territorio

The Masi Foundation has published its own bilingual (Italian and English) journal since 2005. This is the house-organ of the Foundation and records its life and activities as well as containing cultural and artistic information about the region, about Venetian personalities and about the ever-interesting worlds of wine and local gastronomy. 

Below the editorial of the magazine, number 49.

2021 is not only a centenary year for Dante, it is also 1600 years since the foundation of Venice. We are devoting a large part of this edition announcing the winners of the Masi Prize to the city as well, in search of the most important lessons in the history of its thousand-year-old republic, and at the same time looking for possible reference points for a sustainable future for its fragile legacy in the aftermath of the shock produced by the Covid pandemic. It is this dual exploration that reveals the importance of Venice’s history not only in itself, but also as a sort of general "lesson". The lesson being that even in the midst of precariousness great results can be achieved, and even precariousness can build and nourish beauty.

Let’s ask ourselves how a city built on stilts (and what could be more precarious than stilts?) and exposed to the effects of the rising and falling waters of a lagoon, has come to celebrate sixteen centuries of life while remaining a universal symbol of beauty. What if the answer to the long-term "sustainability" of Venice lay in the concepts of "vision" and "courage", in other words the same concepts we had for the Masi Prize this year? We mean the vision and courage of the many generations that have contributed to the birth and growth of Venice and its legend over time. These two key words are also an appeal to the new generation, exhorting them to make responsible and sustainable choices for Venice, but also for everything else. So that the "precariousness" we have to deal with now does not turn into an excuse to resign ourselves to inactivity, but rather into an incentive to strive our utmost to amaze ourselves above all, with new and unexpected ideas of beauty in the future.

Gabriele Colleoni


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