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Le Venezie. Cultura e Territorio

The Masi Foundation has published its own bilingual (Italian and English) journal since 2005. This is the house-organ of the Foundation and records its life and activities as well as containing cultural and artistic information about the region, about Venetian personalities and about the ever-interesting worlds of wine and local gastronomy. 

Below the editorial of the magazine, number 50.

The Masi Foundation has reached an important double milestone with the fortieth edition of the Masi Prize and issue 50 of this magazine. A double achievement that we decided to celebrate with an artistic contribution from Lorenzo Mattotti, who illustrated the front cover. But like any other milestone, this one too needs to take stock of what has already been achieved, while at the same time planning our path into the future. It is only by looking both forwards and backwards that one can fully appreciate one of the two key words behind the choice of this year's Prize winners – “vision” – which this special issue of Le Venezie attempts to address.

The forty years of the Masi Prize contain a highly symbolic temporal coincidence: they span the break between the two centuries (and millennia) exactly. The first twenty years were spent promoting the premium products of a territory whose boundaries are not defined by geography but by a common substratum of values and history. The background was a difficult century in which fundamental changes have redrawn the landscape of our existence. The second twenty years took place in the new millennium and involve the search for innovation, such as, for example, the institution of the Grosso d'Oro Veneziano Prize. And it is precisely in the processes involved in this search that we can find the courage to set ourselves new and ambitious goals. The return to the parish church of San Giorgio in Valpolicella, where the Masi Prize was born, is a step in this direction. To the paths that lie ahead of us, we raise our glasses in a toast, sure that we must not lose that spirit of conviviality and friendship that the culture of wine has given us.

Gabriele Colleoni


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