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Le Venezie. Cultura e Territorio

The Masi Foundation has published its own bilingual (Italian and English) journal since 2005. This is the house-organ of the Foundation and records its life and activities as well as containing cultural and artistic information about the region, about Venetian personalities and about the ever-interesting worlds of wine and local gastronomy. 

Below the editorial of the magazine, number 47.

"Every year we ask the usual question about the Masi Prize: what do the winners have in common? What is the theme, if there is a theme, that unites them? The answer has never been clearer and more obvious than it is this year. Our winners: Ilaria Capua, Filippo Grandi, Reinhold Messner, Andrea Rigoni and Maximilian Riedel have in common a strong focus on environmental and social sustainability, in the hope of saving the world. In short, for all of them, there is no other way to ensure a liveable future than to preserve nature and control the environmental and social impact of our actions. The virus may have made such actions imperative, but they will become normal. Many years before the virus struck – it will be forty soon - sustainability was always present in the DNA of the Prize, even if in a somewhat hazy way, long before it was recognised as indispensable. Not for nothing was the Prize dedicated to "Venetian civilisation", meaning not only skilful industriousness at a high level, but also perfectly kept vineyards, cultivation according to territorial characteristics, and organic winemaking. Little by little, commitment to sustainability has taken shape since these vague beginnings, ending up with full awareness of its importance. The path has already been established; we are, in fact, witnessing the gradual adoption by ever larger sections of society of the conviction that without sustainability there is no hope of salvation."

Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, President of the Masi Foundation


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