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Le Venezie. Cultura e Territorio

The Masi Foundation has published its own bilingual (Italian and English) journal since 2005. This is the house-organ of the Foundation and records its life and activities as well as containing cultural and artistic information about the region, about Venetian personalities and about the ever-interesting worlds of wine and local gastronomy. 

Below the editorial of the magazine, number 55.


The theme of the Masi Prize 2023 is ‘Roots and Visions’. Which is a contradiction in terms. But that’s what it must be, because it is the only way forward for all of us who need to cherish our valuable traditions and look forward, or innovate, at the same time. Besides, this is exactly the choice that Masi has made for some time now, and the guiding principal for our Foundation too, building on the solid historical roots of winemaking in Valpolicella to explore and develop paths not taken before.

The first of the Civiltà Veneta prize-winners – lexicographer Mario Cannella – has been in charge of updating the Zingarelli dictionary for years: he knows the roots of our language and observes the constant evolutions that reflect the changes in society.

The second – engineer Andrea Rinaldo – deals with water and how it should be best distributed in the future, one of the most pressing global issues for today and tomorrow. In March, he was awarded the Swedish Royal Academy’s so-called ‘Water Nobel Prize’, the first Italian to receive it.

The third winner, or rather winners – Sergio Stevanato with his sons Franco and Marco – manage an ancient family company in Venice that once specialised in blowing wine and perfume bottles, and today has become the world’s leading producer of glass vials, syringes and medicine bottles.

The Civiltà del Vino Prize goes to Yuko and Shin Kibayashi – manga wine writers of The drops of God – for their contribution to the understanding and promotion of the ancient culture of wine through a medium of communication that is original and entirely new for the sector.

The Grosso d’Oro Veneziano Prize goes to Iranian director Rakhshan Banietemad for the value of her work in the fight to promote civil rights and democracy in Iranian society. At a time when uncertainty pervades thoughts and behaviour, a concentration on roots presents no obstacles to change, but instead provides the certainty of nourishment in the exploration of new paths.

Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti

Fondazione MasiMasi Investor Club