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Masi for the Verona Arena

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Masi is a supporter of the “67 colonne per l’Arena” (67 columns for the Arena) project, a fundraising initiative that sees both large and small businesses in Verona come together to support the Arena Foundation, which has been running the Opera Festival now for one hundred years, thereby facilitating the spread of culture and musical education for the community.

The idea for the initiative came about when the pandemic forced the suspension of the Arena Opera Festival. The silence that ensued showed how important the Foundation was, a cornerstone of the Veneto region's economy and culture. The first founders of the fundraising project were 67 businesses, shortly to be followed by trade and professional associations.

The name '67 Columns for the Verona Arena' comes from the outer circle of arches that once protected the amphitheatre that forms the Arena, destroyed during an earthquake in 1117. The aim of the united group of companies is to “rebuild” the circle, to protect the rich artistic heritage of the opera festival, which has become an emblem of the Italian spirit throughout the world.

With more and more donors and supporters taking part every year, the initiative is a great success. So much so that in 2022, it was the winner of the Ministry of Culture’s VI Art Bonus competition, and the IX edition of the Culture+Enterprise Award, the most important Italian prize for projects that create synergies between the worlds of Culture and Business.


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