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Masi Green

Masi Green

In every phase of the production process, Masi bases its own activities on social, ethic and environmental values, looking forward to the future positively.

Care and respect for the environment are part of the Masi culture and philosophy. Our guiding principle is thankfulness towards our earth, which has always given us its fruits; it is our duty to be generous in return, paying our respect to the earth’s bounty and generosity.



Attention for the environment is at its highest when work processes involve the earth directly. Masi works as closely as possible to respect natural vegetal growth and the rhythms of nature in the vineyards.

Drying lofts and cellars

During the delicate processes of grape appassimento, vinification and maturation of the wines in the cellars, particular procedures are followed.


Masi does not use products of animal origin or products containing any type of allergen in the production process.


Attention paid to the environmental impact of materials used for packaging has always been a priority. Masi has chosen recycling and waste reduction in the bottling and packaging processes.


Masi supports projects for recycling and reworking waste materials.

Production plant

Processing and production environments are designed to guarantee the best quality wines, made with respect for the environment and for working conditions.


The production facility is run according to declared Environmental Norms and Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001, as certified by SQS.

Work environment

We ensure healthy, safe and pleasant working environments where our staff perform their duties.


Health and Safety at Work are managed by Masi through the ISO450001 International Standard.