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Organic Wines

Careful management of the Masi vineyards have led to organic certification for the Masi Tupungato estates in Argentina, Serego Alighieri in Tuscany and Canevel’s Monfalcon vineyard in Valdobbiadene. Masi has recently purchased selected organic vineyards in the historical area of the Lugana DOC on Garda Lake. 

Masi - Garda Lake
Masi embrace its contemporary style to produce a great classic from the Verona wine-making school, the Lugana DOC, produced with traditional Trebbiano grapes in choice vineyards, in the historic area of production which stretches over the rolling hills to the south of lake Garda, between the provinces of Verona and Brescia. Lunatio and Beldosso, the two new Lugana wines, are both organic wines, made with grapes grown in a sustainable manner, according to the protocol set out by Project “Uve di qualità” (Quality grapes) of GTM, the Masi Technical Group.

Masi Tupungato - Argentina
Masi has found the perfect conditions to support its production philosophy of deep respect for the environment in a valley at the foot of the Tupungato volcano near Mendoza in Argentina. This oasis of biodiversity produces the Passo Doble, Passo Blanco and Corbec wines that combine the exuberance of Argentinian nature with the attractive elegance of Venetian wines.

Serego Alighieri - Tuscany
The purchase of the "Poderi del Bello Ovile" vineyards marked the return of the Conti Serego Alighieri family to Tuscany, after an uninterrupted sojourn in the region of Valpolicella, with its particular vines and wines, since 1353. The Tuscan estate makes the intense and fragrant Rosso di Toscana called BellOvile and the floral BellOvile Vermentino. Both organic wines, produced on the Cinigiano hills just outside Montalcino. 

Canevel Sparkling Wines - Valdobbiadene
In a unique natural setting in the heart of Valdobbiadene, the Monfalcon vineyard makes organic wines thanks to its altitude of 300-400m, its steep hill slope and its perfect exposure to the sun. The fine single vineyard sparkling wine Campofalco that is produced there, elegant and naturally soft thanks to the use of a long charmat method, has an explosive floral strength.


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