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At home? Yes, we’re living in unexpected circumstances. But we can do it together, with a good glass of wine and something suitable to eat, sharing exciting the experience on #atHomewithMasi

All very easy, in a family setting, in delightful, traditional Italian style together with Raffaele Boscaini, who’s in charge of the Technical Group at Masi looking after product excellence. He’s going to suggest some excellent wines to go with simple, tasty recipes put together by the Masi Wine Experience Chef, Vitangelo Galluzzi.  And as we go on, we’ll be bringing in more experts from the company to join us.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 11 am, we’ll post video recipes from our Chef on Instagram @Masiwines, and 6 pm there will be the essential live wine pairing suggestions and guided tastings, which will be open for everyone to contribute their own comments and ideas.

Are you missing a bit of the usual friendly interaction with people at home? Visit #atHomewithMasi to find a bit of fun.

Publish your drinks and wine pairing suggestions on #atHomewithMasi on Instagram with the tag @MasiWines: the best stories will be shared on our profile!

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