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Harvest 2021: a truly excellent vintage

A few days later than usual, the 2021 harvest has begun in the Masi vineyards and it shows every sign of being a truly excellent year in all the Group’s business areas.

Despite the fact that production in some estates has come in slightly below average due to the intense weather conditions experienced during the year, everything looks set to assure a high quality harvest: the grapes are perfectly healthy and in optimal condition. This is what the Masi Technical Group analysis has revealed, which, thanks to the great competence of its experts, contributes towards the study and production of the award-winning wines of the Verona cellars.

Taking a more detailed look at the individual vines at the Masi site, in Valpolicella Classica, the grape yield falls within the averages of the last 10 years and the grapes on the vines show excellent characteristics making them perfect for laying up: healthy, long and fairly loosely-packed.

In Trentino, in the Conti Bossi Fedrigotti estates, production has come in slightly below average, particularly for Marzemino, which is down 10% on the standard yield of this variety.

The late frosts that involved the vines of Tuscany, at the Serego Alighieri Poderi Bell’Ovile has very much reduced the yield, in some lots as much as 50% below the total production potential.

In the vines of Canevel in Valdobbiadene, production also came in below average due to the hail that struck the area late July.

In the Castion di Strada vines in Friuli, the spring frost reduced the yield by 15% as compared with the potential yield of the white varieties, particularly for the lots of pinot grigio.

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