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Jancis Robinson applauds Fresco di Masi project

The well-known wine critic Jancis Robinson published a glowing review of Fresco di Masi, expressing her appreciation for the wine and more generally for the project in the name of sustainability.

“A Corvina and Merlot blend that has been made specifically with sustainability in mind. Lightweight bottle (415g) with no plastic used at all (no capsule), 100% recyvled paper label. The wine is spontaneously fermented, unfiltered. As they write, the Fresco di Masi range is part of a wider commitment by Masi, to prioritise sustainability and quality, from wine to bottle. From encouraging biodiversity in the vineyards and eschewing herbicides and chemical pesticides, to supporting projects for recycling and reworking waste materials, to running the production facilities as effinciently as possible, with 15% energy needs provided by solar panels, Masi is dedicated to basing its own activities on social, ethical and environmental values to ensure sustainable production and encourage responsible consumption.
It's a clear-glass bottle, which might make the wine more vulnerable to lightstrike but I applaud this project. The wine is a clear, relatively pale cherry red. And it's certainly fresh and bright, packaging in all the red cherries and redcurrants of corvina with much cheerful tooting and energy. A street party in a bottle”.

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