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Masi is one of the 67 columns of the Arena di Verona

Masi is proud to support the Fondazione Arena for the renewal of a great symbol of Italian culture in the world.

'67 colonne per l'Arena di Verona' is a fundraising project aimed at the participation of 67 companies in support of the Fondazione Arena di Verona, united by a spirit of social responsibility.

The suggestion is based on the idea of ideally rebuilding the outer ring of arches, destroyed by an earthquake in 1117, with a group of entrepreneurs and professionals united by the love for the Arena as a real business. The Arena, in fact, is a place of production of culture, but also of value and wealth for the thousands of workers involved and the induced on the territory, strongly weakened by the crisis of international tourism resulting from Covid-19. 

“As a family and as a company we have enthusiastically joined the new impulse required by the Arena di Verona and its cultural activities. Masi works historically in this area and we must be the first to dedicate to its heritage care and attention. The Arena is a universal value open to receive and give encouragement to us and to those in the world who appreciate the beauty, the good and the well done of our history and our creative actuality” says Sandro Boscaini, the president of Masi and vicepresident of Fondazione Masi, always been committed to promoting and enhancing the territory, the population, the cultural heritage, the great talent and productive skills of the Venetian civilization.

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