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Masi protects its employees with a specific insurance policy for Covid-19

Coronavirus: Masi pursues social sustainability and protects its employees with a specific insurance policy for Covid-19.

At a time of such great difficulty for the Country, the wine producer based in Valpolicella is protecting the health and safety of its employees.

Masi has decided to provide its employees with new health insurance policies, which are specific in the event of their contracting the Coronavirus.

At such a delicate time for the country, for all its citizens and for the national economy which sees the business continuity of so many Italian companies being jeopardised, Masi and its subsidiaries are giving social responsibility towards its employees top priority. In addition to activating forms of protection such as smart working and non-stop working hours to help employees with parental responsibilities, they have activated new health insurance policies, which supplement those already in force, to offer concrete support in the event of diagnosed infection, to recover good health and manage the emergency period.

Specifically, this insurance policy is called Partner di Vita (Life Partner) which Generali Group has created specifically to offer specific solutions and additional guarantees to assist families and businesses in the event of Covid-19 infection.

Among the protection envisaged, the policy guarantees compensation for every day of hospitalisation, exceeding the seventh; convalescence allowance following hospitalisation caused by infection by the virus; a post-hospitalisation assistance package that includes transportation by ambulance, transportation from the hospital A&E back home, transfer to and from the specialist care facility, sending out home help, baby-sitting service, home delivery of shopping and sending a pet-sitter.

Federico Girotto, Masi Group CEO, commented as follows:

“At a time of great difficulty such as this, we thought it our duty to implement incisive actions to support our employees and their loved ones. The spread of the Coronavirus is putting our country and its businesses on their knees, us included, obviously, but our company is doing everything in its power to pursue financial and operational stability, in relation to the volumes of business under way, and to safeguard the employment of its employees”.

Sandro Boscaini, Masi Group President, added:

The people who work for the success of the Masi Group every single day are to all intents and purposes part of one big family whom we want to protect and safeguard. I am certain we will come out of this stronger and look forward to embracing all our employees once more, without whom we would be unable to accomplish the many plans we have for our development”.


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