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Masi Wine Bar in Munich, in the luxury street Maximilianstrasse

We’re pleased to announce that Masi will be opening a new flagship store in Munich, the “Masi Wine Bar Munich”; it will be located in the extremely central Maximilianstrasse, the prestigious international street of luxury, at the famous address “Campari Haus”.

The opening in the extremely central Maximilianstrasse is designed to diversify the Masi Wine Experience: indeed, the Masi Wine Bar will enjoy an ultra-premium urban position in the very heart of the best shopping experience, thereby enriching our brand with further meanings, strengthening its lifestyle dimension and taking Italian wine into the elite range of major international brands”.

Federico Girotto, Masi CEO

This further initiative on the part of the Masi Wine Experience will allow us to benefit from ever closer contact with German and other consumers, because the visibility and appeal of Maximilianstrasse involve a truly international public. We will be developing a real brand house, an “open door” environment that is fully integrated into the surrounding urban context, also thanks to the warmth and hospitality of our sites.”

Raffaele Boscaini, Masi Marketing Director


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