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Prosecco hills recognised by Unesco

Masi and Canevel are celebrating a prestigious award given to the Veneto region and Veneto culture. It’s an important success for the entire territory that we are sharing with the historic Canevel company, whose top quality sparkling Valdobbiadene and Prosecco Superiore DOCG wines with their refined perlage are appreciated around the world. 

Together with the Masi Foundation we have a long history of curating the cultural and technical values of wines from the Venetian regions, which makes this historic award particularly significant. Last but not least, we have recently transferred the same activities included in the Masi Wine Experience to Valdobbiadene to bring the consumer closer to the wine, opening the doors of the Canevel estate to the general public, with a wine shop and a programme of guided tours of the winery, vineyards and surrounding area.

In this way, Canevel helps to promote its famous wine-growing region through an advanced programme of wine tourism activities, conducted professionally as part of the Masi Wine Experience, which already has seven sites in various prestigious locations. Wine and tourism are outstanding offerings at an international level for the Veneto, and in fact the region is one of Europe’s leaders for the production and export of wine. Verona also represents Italy in the prestigious international Great Wine Capitals network, through which Masi was recently chosen to present its own wine tourism business model in Australia after winning a prize for its "Wine Discovery Museum" concept.

"We received this amazing news with great joy and we would like to congratulate the Veneto Region, and President Zaia above all. The Masi Foundation has been promoting Venetian culture through the Masi Prize for 38 years: culture, tradition, vines, wines and territory represent the values ​​that make the Veneto one of the most natural and prestigious wine-producing areas in the world, so we consider the award to be very well-deserved.  It’s also a source of pride for the producers and a stimulus to continue with the preservation of the landscape and the high quality and unique nature of its products.”

Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi Agricola

“Prosecco produced on the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene is of exceptional quality. Masi acquired Canevel because of the excellence of its sparkling wines, in line with company philosophy. The same thinking led Masi to establish the “Al Druscié" Wine Bar on the slopes of Cortina. Recognition from UNESCO for the Prosecco hills and the assignment of the 2026 Olympics to the Ampezzo valley give us a unique opportunity for international visibility and promotion.”

Federico Girotto, Managing Director of Masi and Canevel


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