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Snodar - our Lady of Amarone and Recioto

Snodar (The Sovereign and most Noble Order of Ancient Recioto, now the Sovereign and most Noble Order of Amarone and Recioto) can trace its origins as far back as 1320 when Federico della Scala, Count of Valpolicella, initiated the investiture of the first Knights of Recioto. 

Refounded fifty years ago, Snodar keeps the tradition of conferring the honours of Knights and Noblewomen of the Sovereign Order alive and up-to-date: with a solemn medieval investiture ceremony, held every year, when important figures from the world of wine, including managers and contractors are recognised.

The recent ceremony saw five Ladies as the protagonists, including Cristina Valenza, Communication Manager at Masi: at the sound of the gong, the placing of the sword on the head and the delivery of the tastevin chiselled with the names of Valpolicella towns served as a reminder of ancestral traditions, but also of the importance of the very current commitment to bringing the culture of Valpolicella wine to the world.

Over the years various Masi managers have been chosen by Snodar Grand Council, confirming the Company’s constant commitment to enhancing Valpolicella and its great wines.


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