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Terregiunte - Vino D'Italia: preview in Cortina

It can’t claim to be a DOCG, or a DOC, or even an IGT; instead it’s an authentic Vino D’Italia made from regions that are open to new experiences. Sandro Boscaini and Bruno Vespa presented the innovative "Terregiunte" - Vino D’Italia project in Cortina d'Ampezzo with a wine produced by the Masi Agricola and Azienda Agricola Futura wineries respectively. The result is an unconventional, explosive red, the product of an innovative cultural winemaking concept freed from provincialism and aimed solely at quality. Born from the passion shown by Boscaini and Vespa for their respective lands, which have cultural and wine heritages that are both distant and similar at the same time, the wine comes from territories that have outstanding individuality and personality, but which have great synergies when they come together.

The first public presentation involving this rare wine was held with glamour and style in the splendid setting of the Cristallo Hotel, a Luxury Collection Resort, in the presence of local dignitaries, the press and the Ampezzo jet-set.

Riccardo Cotarella and Andrea Dal Cin, both "top wine-makers", testified to their belief in the Terregiunte project, where they used essential elements from the oenological cultures of the two regions with sensitivity and skill to make an unpretentious wine that can be proud of its Italian origins. Fine wines of the 2016 vintage from Masi Agricola and Futura 14 are enhanced with a joint malolactic fermentation, prolonged ageing in small oak barrels, and bottle age. Guests at the celebrations were treated to a product with a full-bodied structure, an authentic and totally original Italian red with balance and elegance as well as body and drinkability.

"Terregiunte is a sharing of true Italian values. A red wine with a modern message, this is much easier to understand as a product of Italy for countries like China, where it is just wishful thinking to suppose that the client understands the many geographic denominations of our country, however good the wines are. It’s a true ‘Italian Brother’ of the wine world.”

said Sandro Boscaini.

"Terregiunte is the crowning achievement of a dream. This is Italy united by the fusion of two neighbouring wines, the prestigious fruit of two distant regions. A great wine to strengthen Italian pride on an international basis.”

Bruno Vespa

The importance of the project was underlined by the presence of the two regional governors, Luca Zaia for the Veneto and Michele Emiliano for Puglia. Both agreed that the independence of the two territories, and the authority and the distinguished personalities of their wines, still leaves room for a common approach in favour of Italy as a whole.

Zaia paid tribute to the winemakers for accepting their challenge with passion and enthusiasm and tribute to the project’s founders, too. "It’s a great idea. I’m sure this wine will be successful and other able producers will follow with this concept" he said. Emiliano also reminded the audience of how, in times gone by, the Serenissima used to protect the coast of Puglia.

The label of the wine expresses the concept of "Terregiunte", the idea of "joining" two lands in an embrace of ideals. Two worlds are mirrored with the same visual weight, two cultures at opposite poles, North and South. Two suns, mild and reserved for the north, red-hot and vibrant in the south, shed their light on the cupola of Marano church in Valpolicella and the Burraco Tower in Manduria. In the middle, the waves of the Ionian Sea merge with the hills at the foot of the Alps.

12,000 bottles and 500 magnums of the 2016 vintage of Terregiunte Vino D’Italia have been produced. Bottle maturation is being completed now and the wine will be available from November 2019. Purchase can be made now en primeur by contacting or This will be an iconic wine and a winemaking rarity that challenges time. It’s price bracket is medium-to-high. 

More information on the Terregiunte project:

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