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The “Masi Bottle” is here

Less weight, more quality and design: this is the formula of the project developed in collaboration with Piero Lissoni and Verallia

The ‘Masi Bottle’ has been unveiled as the result of the collaboration between the long-standing vine-growing and wine-making company of Valpolicella, Piero Lissoni, the famous international architect and designer, and Verallia, key point of reference worldwide for the design and supply of glass containers.

The innovative project is based on a production ethic that pursues sustainability: creating a light bottle to generate a “virtuous circle”; reducing the quantity of glass in fact means reducing the raw materials necessary for production and reducing the quantity of energy necessary during manufacture, transport and movement. The Masi Bottle weighs 33% less than the average wine bottle of a similar position. The choice of lightness has gone hand-in-hand with aesthetics and design, with the form of the container also shaping the contents. All this in the pursuit of top quality and maximum efficiency, to obtain a slim, elegant, yet strong bottle.

The new container, in which everything superfluous has been eliminated to reach the purest essence, has been chosen to “give shape” to Fresco di Masi, a range of organic wines also produced “by subtraction”, minimising man’s intervention on nature, using grapes harvested during the coolest hours of the day and vinified immediately, without appassimento, without passing through wood, only with the wild yeasts of the grapes, decanted and not filtered. Fairly raw, unprocessed wines ensued with moderate alcohol contents, characterised by an immediate flavour of fresh fruit.

Masi Marketing Director Raffaele Boscaini explains: “We have chosen to use our new identifying bottle initially for a product that is a real emblem of sustainability: Fresco di Masi; our research focussed not only on seeking the very essence of the wine but also the essential nature of its bottle”.

The Fresco di Masi packaging is 100% sustainable: the light, transparent glass bottle, which yields a sensation of almost holding the wine in the palm of the hand, coupled with the recycled paper label, the natural cork stopper and the recyclable capsule.

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