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The podcast “The magic of time! 250 years of Masi” comes out

The initiatives taken to celebrate the 250th harvest in Vaio dei Masi include the launch, starting 9th September of an 8-episode series dedicated to the history of Masi and that of the Boscaini family.

On 9th September Masi launched the podcast “Buon tempo! 250 anni di Masi”, a series of 8 episodes dedicated to its history and that of the Boscaini family.and the name of the podcast conceived by the Valpolicella cellars to celebrate its 250th harvest, comes precisely from this concept

The radio presenter, journalist and storyteller Matteo Caccia has created 8 episodes bringing together anecdotes and tales of a business story that is essentially interwoven with that of the Boscaini family, first handing over to Sandro Boscaini, the man who took knowledge and passion for Amarone from Valpolicella worldwide. The episodes will see interventions given by the various representatives of the Boscaini family and Group, as well as a selection of Italian and foreign figures linked to Masi, those who have been awarded the Masi Prize over the years, wine critics and journalists: a choral tale also in the discovery of the lesser-known aspects of what is today an iconic brand, through the past, present and future.

The podcast will not only talk about wine but will also, for example, amongst others reveal the secrets of appassimento and the tie with culture expressed through the Masi prize, through to the present day Masi Wine Experience.

“I believe that the podcast offers a particularly well-suited means of communication to describe Masi’s true soul”, Raffaele Boscaini comments, Marketing Manager and seventh generation of the family. “In an informal manner, great empathy is immediately achieved with the listener, stressed by the reassuring voice of Matteo Caccia and the evocative musical accompaniment. The atmosphere created is similar to that experienced when tasting a glass of Amarone: it is “listened to”, caressed by our emotions, with an essential role also played by the timed breaks, in which room is left to appreciate a brief summary of what has just been heard, just like a pleasant after-taste on the palate after tasting”.

From 9th September the podcasts will be uploaded twice weekly.

To hear the first episode click here.

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