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WeChat in China: starting 2019 with a new profile

Masi’s official WeChat presence is not just an important point of international sales display, it also confirms the immediacy and authenticity of the information it contains, with in-depth explanation and targeted material specifically for the Chinese market. The aim is to create a “Masi Wine Community” and interact directly with Chinese wine lovers. This also provides a powerful tool for consolidation for the brand on the Asian market, where Masi has had a presence for more than 20 years.

At the moment, China is the fifth largest importer of wine in the world in terms of volume and the fourth in terms of value, and consumption per capita is continuously increasing. Italy has succeeded in steadily increasing its market share, but it is far from the position of leadership that might have been expected. Italian wine needs to present itself with a common front and to promote itself with a united image, as the French have already done to create a prestigious reputation that gives them an enviable position of leadership today,. Masi has worked with an experienced high-profile partner in China for many years, having quickly understood the vital importance of a well-planned communications strategy based on explaining wine and its region of production at first hand, thereby enabling Chinese consumers to get to know all the details, style and charm of the subject. This makes analysing the market and talking to consumers in their own language particularly important.

Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi

Masi was in fact one of the first Italian brands, and the first Amarone producer, to export to China, where it has a stable market with premium products, including Costasera Amarone and Campofiorin, especially in the leading cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Its regular partner for the last 15 years has been ASC Fine Wine, a highly-experienced company whose principals include some of the most famous and prestigious international quality wine brands.

Masi was judged one of the most active and effective brands on social media in June last year, for the fifth consecutive year, by strategic planning advisers Fleishman Hillard, confirming its avantgarde position on social media with its Chinese-language profile on WeChat adding a new stepping stone in the path of growth.


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