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Wine and sustainability for the Masi Technical Seminar

The Masi Technical Group has re-proposed the classic appointment for Vinitaly, presenting an ultra current research carried out by Ipsos on the changes in progress in consumer habits and reference values, a context in which the newest additions to the Group’s portfolio have been presented. It was discussed by Lorena Cocozza – UU Director of Ipsos and, for the Masi Technical Group, by Raffaele Boscaini – Coordinator, Roberta Beber – Vine-growing and Andrea Dal Cin – Oenology Manager. The technical tasting was guided by ‘contemporary food & wine expert’ Andrea Gori.

The extremely interesting presentation and the results of the research have revealed that natural, healthy and genuine are the keywords that describe a renewed approach to live and everyday living as regards food consumption, particularly for the wine sector. The response offered by Masi and its Technical Group to this new way of directing its consumer choices lies in a new selection of organic wines produced “by subtraction”, i.e. minimising man’s intervention on nature, going back to the essential nature of wine. Simple, immediate wines that are intrinsically authentic and sustainable, such as the new product line “Fresco di Masi”.

"The results of our research have therefore validated the choices made by Masi in terms of its product” commented Lorena Cocozza, UU Director of Ipsos. “Today’s and tomorrow’s consumers are more attentive and informed. The search for products perceived as natural, sustainable and, for some, also healthier, has become a priority. The demand is that brands take a more responsible stance, acting first-hand to ensure the well-being of the individual and indeed the planet. In this respect, the category of wine can also do its bit, providing an offer that satisfies the new needs, particularly of the youngest targets: high quality wines, produced and packaged sustainably, with limited alcohol content.”

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