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Technical Group

Providing a unique approach to production, research and development in winemaking, the Group is made up of experts from different disciplines: agronomists, oenologists, and experts in quality control, marketing and sales.

Co-ordinated by Raffaele Boscaini, the Technical Group works with national and international institutions and universities, such as: l’Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin di Bordeaux, Udine University, the Catholic University of Piacenza, the CRA-VIT Research Centre, Verona University and the Department of Agrarian and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milan. Research results have proved significant and have helped develop the quality of Masi wines and other wines from the Venetian territories.

Thanks to its various research and experimentation projects, the Masi Technical Group is actively involved in the modernisation and improvement of the viticultural and oenological traditions of the Venetian regions. Some of its most important projects include:

  • Pioneering the use of secondary Veronese grapes, such as Oseleta
  • Innovations in the Appassimento technique, creating a modern style of Amarone and contributing to its international success
  • Bringing out the typicity of Amarone through research into maceration and fermentation, with particular attention to the importance of the yeasts involved
  • Improvement of the kinetics of Appassimento thanks to research into the DNA of the Corvina grape.

The Technical Group has published the results of its own research in four major works:

  • "Proceedings of 25 Years of Masi Technical Group Seminars at Vinitaly 1989-2013”
  • "The Oseleta grape, paradigm of Venetian viticulture”
  • "The Venetian regions: the diversity of terroir reflected in the glass”
  • “Appassimento and Amarone. Paradigms of winemaking in the Venetian regions”

For World OIV Congresses, the Technical Group has published the following scientific papers:

  • “The role on berries development and anthocyanin bio-synthesis of two training system in Valpolicella area: Pergola Veronese and Guyot”
  • “Analysis of the effect of grape withering on aroma profile of wine using HS-SPME and GCXGC TOF-MS”

Since 1989, the Group has organised an annual scientific conference, the Technical Seminar at Vinitaly, to publish and share the results of its research.

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