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The Venetian Regions

Deep roots and links to the ancient civilization of the Venetian regions mould the extraordinary heritage that Masi expresses in its iconic wines, authoritative ambassadors of Italian excellence in the world. The spirit of Venice can also be found in its hinterland, where it has been the inspiration of farmers, as well as merchants and great travellers. These are lands with strong convictions deeply linked to the production of great wines.

Masi, which has always been committed to safeguarding its heritage of grapes and indigenous winemaking techniques, has a particular expertise in the Appassimento (grape drying) method traditionally used in the Venetian regions to concentrate aromas and flavours in wine. The result is majestic and unique wines, such as Amarone, of which Masi produces the widest and most authentic range on the international market.

The company manages prestigious estates, both in its Valpolicella Classica homeland, where it has had its roots since the XVIII century, and in the wider Venetian macro-region of Le Venezie: Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. For more than forty years Masi has been carrying out an ambitious project of development for historic wine estates, collaborating with the Conti Serego Alighieri, descendants of Dante the poet, and owners of Valpolicella’s longest running and most traditional estate; with the Conti Bossi Fedrigotti, a famous name in Trentino with vineyards in Rovereto; and with Canevel, producers of top-quality sparkling wines in Valdobbiadene.

At Stra' del Milione, in the Grave area of Friuli, Masi has planted extensive vineyards in an example of modern viticulture that pays attention to quality and to the environment.

The awareness of owning a unique and valuable winemaking heritage has encouraged Masi to undertake pioneering research in different wine-growing areas of the New World. The Tupungato Valley in Argentina was consequently selected as the ideal area for developing Masi’s expertise in the Appassimento technique and for growing grapes from the Venetian regions as well as those that are typically Argentinian.

Masi, with its Foundation too, is an ambassador of Venetian values and of the culture of the Venetian regions internationally; in fact, its wines are present in over 120 countries in the world.



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