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Wine in Moderation

Wine Moderation Logo

Masi is aware of the problems concerning alcohol consumption, especially when it involves young people and safety on the roads.​

In fact, Masi is an active supporter of the pan-European "Wine in moderation", programme in the wine trade, which is particularly concerned with youngsters, and has as its aim the wider spread of knowledge about the social and health risks linked to alcohol abuse and the defence of the image of wine as a premium quality product to be drunk slowly and in moderation, associating it with gastronomy, history, culture, other local products and suitable locations for its consumption in company.

The Masi Foundation awarded the programme's president and international spokesman, George Sandeman, a descendant of the founder of Sandeman's Port, the Masi Civiltà del Vino Prize in 2009.

Together with local police forces and local restaurants, Masi promotes a series of events aimed at encouraging the intelligent and informed consumption of alcoholic beverages and preserving the culture of wine as a source of pleasure and an accompaniment to food, clearly marking the distance between an informed consumption of alcohol and any form of abuse.


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