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Cantina Privata Boscaini


Stemma Cantina Privata Boscaini

A unique collection of five wines, precious cru selections and great vintages of Amarone, produced in limitated quantities and only when Nature is at her most munificient.

This is the Cantina Privata Boscaini: an extraordinary family and territorial inheritance, a tangible expression of the values cultivated in time, a collection of “liquid treasures”, to be conserved with the maximum care and shared with the best friends and closest wine passionates.

“You want to know what real luxury is? It’s authentic products made from raw materials selected with care and encapsulating the experience and the know-how that comes from a long tradition. Their quality lies in their essence and has no need of exhibition.
This is the spirit of the Cantina Privata Boscaini.”

Raffaele Boscaini, seventh generation

The Boscaini family has always had the tradition of keeping back bottles of Amarone from the best vintages in their own private cellars. The practice began as a family habit in the nineteenth century when Paolo Boscaini liked to keep back wine from vintages which had a particular family significance, such as weddings and the births of children and grandchildren. It was Guido who really established the tradition in the next century, beginning in the 1920s, as he had a habit of keeping reserve quantities of the best vintages, also so as to compare vintages as they evolved with age. The tradition continues today, and is the source of the most important and the finest collection of old Amarone wines: a tradition that the Boscaini family keeps alive with love and dedication.

Campolongo di Torbe



Collezione Grandi Annate

Mezzanella Amandorlato

Grappa Mezzanella