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Grandarella Bottle Masi


Refosco delle Venezie IGT

Dry, well-structured and with a smooth fi nish, this Supervenetian wine is a modern interpretation of Masi’s speciality: the ancient technique of Appassimento. It is made with Refosco grapes from the Tenute Stra’ del Milione in the Grave area of Friuli.

Technical data

Grape varieties


Tasting notes

Look dark, opaque red.
Nose dry and aromatic herbs, berry fruit and vanilla.
Palate full-bodied, complex, well-balanced, with strong hints of blueberries, plums, cinnamon and spices.

Food pairing

Complex, serious wine; goes well with grilled or roast red meat, game, full-flavoured and mature cheeses. Good as an after-dinner drink.

Serving temperature

18° C

Alcoholic content

14,5% vol.

Storage life

10-15 years



  • Masi do not use any animal by-products or allergy causing products in the wine production;
  • Masi supports the Rafcycle Project, for the recycling and transformation of the silicone backing for labels into cellulose;
  • In all our plants, the 15% of energy needs come from solar panels.

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