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Modello delle Venezie

Modello Masi is a benchmark for wines of the Trevenezie regions. Made from grapes grown in specialist vineyards, partly on the ‘Stra’ del Milione’ estate, which is named after the road taken by Marco Poloon his journeys of exploration and trade in the XIII century, the traditional route to the Orient at the time.

The soils at Stra' del Milione are particularly well suited to viticulture, perfect for producing innovative wines with an unmistakable style. The proximity of the Adriatic Sea and the presence of the Bora breezes blowing from the Gulf of Trieste help to moderate the climate and limit humidity in the vineyards.

The Dolomites also influence the climate, protecting the vineyards from northern winds. Water management exploits the wealth of pure spring water.

Modello Masi expresses the rich heritage of the grapes of the Trevenezie regions: Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Verduzzo, Refosco, Raboso and Merlot, with vines trained according to the Sylvoz and Guyot systems. At Masi we have always used our heritage of indigenous grapes and winemaking techniques in the best way possible, to express the authentic soul of the land in our wines.

The Masi Technical Group uses the most modern technology in the vineyards and in the cellars with a sustainable approach in a constant search for the production of the highest quality wines.

Only available in Canada

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