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  • Passo Blanco

    Passo Blanco

    Bianco di Argentina Valle de Uco - Organic

    An explosion of elegant and concentrated aromas and fresh tastes. 

    This is an innovative wine made in an unconventional style from organic grapes produced on the Masi Tupungato La Arboleda estate at Mendoza in Argentina.

    Its body and exuberance come from the local grape variety, Torrontés, while the Pinot Grigio grapes, lightly dried, give it class and the style of a top Venetian white wine.

    Any sediment in this wine (tartrate salts) shows that no chemical treatment has been applied.

    Grape Varieties  Pinot Grigio, Torrontés

    Prizes and accolades
  • Passo Blanco

    tasting notes
    Look: straw yellow with green reflections.
    Nose: flowers and ripe fruit, peaches and dried apricots.
    Palate: refreshing with good acidity and hints of lemon. Fruity.

    food pairing
    Mid-weight, fresh and aromatic wine going well with full-flavoured fish dishes (tuna and shellfish), white meat and grilled vegetables. Good with oriental foods, especially sushi, sashimi and vegetarian tofu recipes.

    serving temperature  10° C
    alcoholic content  Alcool 12,5% vol
    storage life  3 years

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    Masi style and expertise in Appassimento reaches new frontiers. Argentina provides an exuberant and uncontaminated environment that Masi respects with the creation of organic, innovative and characterful wines.

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