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Double Fermentation

Over the last fifty years, Masi and its Technical Group have used the Appassimento method in an innovative way. Using lightly dried grapes, Masi has made a range of signature wines, the first of which was Campofiorin with its cuvée, Brolo Campofiorin Oro.

In the 1960s Guido Boscaini had the winning idea of refermenting the best Veronese wine made with freshly picked grapes on the pomace left over from the vinification of Amarone. The result was Campofiorin - a aroma-rich full-bodied wine that stood between the cordial simplicity of Valpolicella and the complexity of Amarone and that would open a new chapter in the history of Verona wine.

In search of greater attractiveness and balance in wine, Masi refined the technique in the Eighties, turning it into the "double fermentation" with which the modern Campofiorin is produced. This involves the best Veronese wine made from native grape varieties being refermented with semi-dried grapes from the same varieties. The result is a greater richness of colour, extracts, aromas and perfumes, as well as an increase in alcohol, combined with softer and more refined tannins.


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