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Hiking & foraging through the vineyard

Serego Alighieri, Valpolicella - Saturday 11th May 2024 - 10 a.m.

An open-air experience that will show you around one of the lushest landscapes within the Valpolicella wine-growing zone and introduce you to the verdant vineyards that give rise to the exquisite Serego Alighieri wines.

We will take you on a journey of discovery through picturesque places as you learn about the local grape varieties and wine-growing traditions. The circular trail starts and finishes at the Tenuta (Estate) and winds its way through olive groves and vineyards where you will be able to admire the expert restoral of vine-growing terraces. You will be accompanied throughout the walk by knowledgeable guides who teach you how to spot local wild herbs, telling you about their properties and how they can be used for cooking, health and healing.

Upon arrival, you will enjoy a tasting session of a selection of our wines paired with local dishes based on the wine itself and the wild herbs.

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The tour wraps up first with a visit to the fruit-drying room filled with grapes destined to be part of one of the great Valpolicella wines, and then with a tour of one of the historic cellars stacked with cherry-wood barrels used to age the wine.

Important notes:

  • Although the tour presents no real obstacles, we recommend that you exercise the utmost caution as you walk around, especially if you are bringing children (please let us know how old they are).
  • Dress code: we recommend comfortable clothing and, for safety reasons, a pair of lace-up shoes is a must for the hike.

Cost of the experience: € 60
Information & bookings: +39 (0)45 770 3622 -

Entrance from via Giare 277 - Loc. Gargagnago, 37015 S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella

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