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Diradà Bianco

Diradà Bianco

Trevenezie Bianco IGT

Diradà is the vine at its balanced best, stripped of excess grape bunches to make what remains even betters; better exposed, healthy and rich in sugars. A painstaking manual process that requires time, experience and understanding of the grape varieties involved to make an attractive wine, emblematic of Venetian style.

Technical data

Grape varieties

Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and other local grapes

Tasting notes

A delicate wine, full of floral notes, with a crisp acidity which makes it fresh and pleasing.

Food pairing

Ideal as an aperitif, perfect with antipasti, risottos and pastas with light sauces. This wine gets on marvellously with fish, white meats and vegetable dishes.

Serving temperature

8-10° C

Alcoholic content

12% vol.

Storage life

2 years



Why is this a Masi Green Wine?

  • Masi do not use any animal by-products or allergy causing products in the wine production
  • Masi supports the Rafcycle Project, for the recycling and transformation of the silicone backing for labels into cellulose
  • In all our plants, the 15% of energy needs come from solar panels

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