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Fresco di Masi

Discover Fresco di Masi, two organic wines, sincere and authentic, created with an essential process that goes from the vine to the glass for an authentic, simple taste experience.

Minimising man’s intervention on nature, for a return to the origins and a search for the essence of the wine: this is the idea behind Fresco di Masi. The result? Wines “created simply like once upon a time, but as good as we expect them to be today”, little in the way of processing, not overly alcoholic, characterised by an immediate taste of fresh fruit.

The values that the new Masi creation encompassed are enclosed in the name “Fresco di Masi”, chosen to indicate the natural, intact nature of a genuine wine produced from organic grapes harvested during the coolest hours and immediately vinified, without drying, without being transferred into wooden casks, only with the wild yeasts of the grapes, decanted and not filtered.

Two labels are proposed: Fresco di Masi Rosso Verona IGT, with pleasant hints of fresh fruit, from pomegranate to currants and the essential flavour of cherry allowing its Verona origin to show through; Fresco di Masi Bianco Verona IGT, with hints of pineapple and citrus fruits and delicate aromas of wild flowers.

The choice of the 100% sustainable packaging is also important: the light, transparent bottle, almost giving the sensation of holding the wine in the palm of the hand, the natural cork stopper and no capsule, making it entirely plastic free. The label reinterprets the original design of Masi’s icon wines with a choice of pop colours.

Fresco di Masi Rosso

Rosso Verona IGT Biologico
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Fresco di Masi Bianco

Bianco Verona IGT Biologico
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